*New* Sea Moss 1 Vegan CAPSULES Sea Moss Mineralized Best Source of Vitamins & Trace Minerals

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`Organic `Wellness only sources pure `Organic `ingredients. *100% `Organic* Jamaican Sourced ūüĆŹūüóļ (The names Sea-Moss¬†& Irish-Moss are¬†interchangeable - it's the same thing!) IRISH SEA-MOSS:¬†is a source of `potassium `chloride, a `nutrient which helps to dissolve `catarrhs (inflammation and `phlegm in the `mucous `membranes), which cause `congestion. It also contains compounds...
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`Organic `Wellness only sources pure `Organic `ingredients. *100% `Organic*

Jamaican Sourced ūüĆŹūüóļ

(The names Sea-Moss & Irish-Moss are interchangeable - it's the same thing!)

IRISH SEA-MOSS: is a source of `potassium `chloride, a `nutrient which helps to dissolve `catarrhs (inflammation and `phlegm in the `mucous `membranes), which cause `congestion. It also contains compounds which act as natural `antimicrobial and `antiviral agents, helping to get `rid of `infections.


-Contains 92 out of the 102 `minerals your `body needs

-Draws out heavy metal `toxins from the `body

-Best natural remedy for `thyroid `health, and boosts `energy levels

-Rich in `calcium, promotes strong `bones

-Great remedy for `Arthritis

-Can help promote healthy sexual `function

- Removes excess mucus phlegm

-Good for Brain Function

SEA-MOSS: Helps `Thyroid Support, `Digestive `Health & `Immune Support

The late Dr. Sebi spoke highly of and recommended the use of Sea-Moss. ♡♡HEALTH is True WEALTH ♡♡

FDA DISCLAIMER: Statements & descriptions about any products on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. We at CC360 & HC360 are not `medical practitioners; therefore nothing within this site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any new or existing condition or `disease. We do advise you to consult with your `health-care provider if you are using a `supplement or `health-product, stopping the use of a `supplement or `health-product, changing your `diet, exercise program or lifestyle. Consult with a `health-care professional before using if you are `pregnant or `nursing, and to avoid any `allergic reaction to `iodine or any `trace `minerals.

`Vegan `Capsule Size 800 mg  -  20 `Vegan `Capsules per bottle

Distributed by Organic Wellness & Shea Hut

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Good for your body try it


Love this product , great mucus expeller.and your getting minerals your body needs.

requesting to read the back of the jar for ingredients

My I ask to see the back of the product I would like to read the ingredients like zinc iron and sugar intake etc please before i purchase

Shanika B.
Highly Recommended

My order came fast. Im loving all of the products I purchased. I well definitely be purchasing more when I run out thanks

Karlyn k.

Omg! These sea moss 1 capsules are the business. I took two of them upon waking in the morning with a full glass of water and took it around 7 pm that night with a full glass of water. Two things i will tell you for sure, you feel full and you will definitely go to the bathroom. So both are goid things